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We are an open network created to improve future efficiency, quality, and efforts in digital health and informatics. Our purpose is to connect interests, promote collaboration in research, share current projects and resources in these areas, and stimulate purposeful networking via DHIN-hosted events and online engagement.

We want to provide a central connection point for those with an interest in digital health and informatics. Our vision is to prevent illness, promote wellness, and improve care through purposeful collaboration and innovation in digital health and informatics. While the DHIN is Sydney-based, our network is open and membership is available to anyone with an interest in these areas.

Our Partners

The DHIN is a collaborative effort across several valuable partners in our community. Our partners include the University of Sydney, Sydney Health Partners. Cancer Network, the Charles Perkins Centre, Brain & Mind Centre, Northern Sydney Local Health District, Western Sydney Local Health District, and the Children’s Hospital Network.

Our Domains of Interest

Digital health and informatics is a wide area that encases a variety of topics. While our focuses are varied and cross-cutting, the following five domains are our primary areas of interest.

Promoting Informed Healthcare Delivery

Digital technologies continue to make health data readily available, which in turn has increased consumers’ self-monitoring and self-care. With growing engagement around one’s own health data, the need for informed healthcare delivery is increasingly important to ensuring effective outcomes.

If you would like to explore this domain’s node, please click the link below.

Practice Analytics Node

Safely Managing & Sharing Information

The growth of health data accessibility and sharing is transforming care, but has also led to greater risks around data privacy and security. As data becomes increasingly accessible, the need for improved focus on data governance and security is key to addressing the safe and appropriate use of such information.

Supporting Health, Wellness & Rehabilitation

Digital technologies continue to revolutionise healthcare in a variety of ways. In particular, such tools play an important role in supporting new models of healthcare, shifting away from a disease or impairment-based approach towards more holistic rehabilitation with greater focus on health and wellness.

If you would like to explore this domain’s nodes, please click the link below.

Cyberpsychology Node

Musculoskeletal Pain Node

Virtual and Augmented Reality Node

Towards Personalised Health

The rise of patient-specific information including genomic and genetic data allows for more comprehensive health data. Digital technologies that better inform health data (including electronic medical records, patient generated data, and patient reported data) are key elements in supporting predictive, personalised health.

Building Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is important for both the provision of healthcare and the consumer experience. Health professionals require digital literacy in how they interact with technology to provide effective care, and consumers in turn need a base level of digital literacy in order to make informed health choices and maintain wellness.

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