Event Report: Practice Analytics Workshop

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By Anna Janssen The DHIN Practice Analytics Node hosted its first event at the start of March: the Practice Analytics Workshop. The workshop featured a range of speakers including international guest Associate Professor Rodrigo Cavalcanti from the University of Toronto, and Professor Richard Doherty from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. Attendees got to hear seminars [...]

Virtual Healthcare and the Data Revolution

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By Anna Janssen Last week the Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA) hosted a Webinar on Virtualizing Healthcare. Presenter Brendan Lovelock, Health Practice Lead at Cisco Systems, took viewers on a journey demonstrating how devices such as smartphones and tablets are transforming the health landscape. His presentation focused on exploring the futuristic concept of virtual healthcare, [...]

Five minutes with Dr Felicity Gallimore

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This month we spent five minutes with network member Dr Felicity Gallimore. Felicity is an obstetrician and Fellow in Clinical Informatics, University of Sydney. What is a day in your life like? The life of an obstetrician is always unpredictable.  There is no such thing as a typical day. It can include an early start to [...]

Symposium and launch

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Last Tuesday 5th December, the DHIN held its first Symposium and finished with a launch of the network. Over 160 registrants came along to the Charles Perkins Centre Lecture Theatre to hear keynote Dr Calum MacRae and an exciting program of nine other speakers from across the university, the local health districts, eHealth NSW and from [...]

Watch Bayesian Breakfast: To P, or not to P?

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The Digital Health and Informatics Network held its first event yesterday morning at the Charles Perkins Centre. Professor Sally Cripps presented Bayesian Breakfast: To P, or not to P? over coffee and croissants. This event filled quickly and we had 56 people brave an early start to join us for the talk. Professor Cripps explored Bayesian Theory in [...]

What are the benefits of joining the network?

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The DHIN provides an opportunity to be a part of what is happening in digital health and informatics across the University of Sydney and its affiliated partners. What are the benefits of joining the network? There are many! Below are just some of the ways that joining the network will benefit you, if you are: in [...]

eHealth or Digital Health: What’s in a name?

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When it comes to the realm of digital health, common language around terminology does not exist. eHealth, mHealth, and even digital health are just some of the terms used interchangeably to describe the intersection of technology and healthcare in some way. Which leads one to ask, which term is best, and does it even matter? Terminology debates: The [...]

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