Digital Health Week 2021

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eHealth@Sydney and eHealth@Melbourne The Digital Health Week 2021 event page is regularly updated. Some exciting news! In 2021 we will be bringing you a joint event with the University of Melbourne. Digital Health Week, in February 2021, is an opportunity for anyone interested in digital health and informatics to particpate in a program of virtual events and [...]

Research student profile: Madaline Kinlay

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This month we are pleased to feature Madaline Kinlay. Madaline is a PhD candidate whose research aims to identify and classify new system-related errors related to the ongoing use of eMeds. Madaline's other passions are Health Psychology and her dog. Please tell us a little about yourself I recently completed my Honours in Psychology, researching how [...]

Research Student Profile: Karen Cochrane

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This month we profile Karen Cochrane. Karen is a PhD candidate in the School of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney. She is also a member of the Cyberpsychology Research Group. Karen's research focuses on building interactive ambient nature soundscapes to teach beginners mindfulness meditation. Please tell us a little about yourself My [...]

Research Student Profile: Edward Johnson

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This month we profile Edward Johnson. Ed is a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Health Sciences, Director, Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health, and finalist in the Australian Allied Health Awards in the category of Speech Pathologist of the Year Please tell us a little about yourself? I’m an accidental speech pathologist. I fell into the job [...]

Research Student Profile: Juan Pablo Molina Ortiz

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This month we spoke with Dr Juan Pablo Molina Ortiz. Originally from Ecuador, Juan Pablo is in his final semester in the Master of Health Technology, where he is currently combining his passion for health and technology. Please tell us a little about yourself I am a 30 year old Medical Doctor from Ecuador with four [...]

Five minutes with Dr Brad Ridout

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This month we talk to DHIN member and Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Dr Brad Ridout. Brad is also the Deputy Chair of the Cyberpsychology Research Group. Can you please tell us about a day in your life? I usually start my day catching up on emails on my morning commute to Sydney Uni. I also check twitter for [...]

Five minutes with Dr Monique Hines

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This month we talk to DHIN member and Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dr Monique Hines. Can you please tell us about a day in your life?  A typical day starts for me with a coffee in hand as I catch up on my emails and make a plan for what I need to accomplish that day. My [...]

Digital Health Test Beds

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Congratulations to all of the DHIN members involved in the successful bid for funding from the Australian Digital Health Agency, with the Western Sydney Cardiology Care Test Bed. The Cardiology Test Bed project is one of 15 new projects that uses information gathered from consenting individuals to examine how My Health Record can be a system that [...]

Meet the DHIN Operations Committee

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The DHIN Operations Committee meets weekly and oversees the general running of the Digital Health and Informatics Network, including digital health projects with the hospitals and LHDs, digital health scoping exercises, funding opportunities and events and marketing. This Committee is made up of a core group of nine members with a wide range of experience in [...]

PhD Student Profile: Ben Gill

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This month we profile PhD student Ben Gill. Ben is a born and bred Canberran who moved to Sydney in 2017 to commence his PhD at the Brain and Mind Centre, as part of the Project Synergy Research and Development Group. He graduated from the Australian National University in 2016, completing Bachelor degrees in Engineering (Honours) [...]

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