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The eHealth@Sydney 2020 Steering Committee is a valued group, responsible for providing guidance across the full organisation of the event. For the 2020 event, the Steering Committee is made up of the following members from across The University of Sydney and the Local Health Districts.

If you have any questions for the group, please email

Vanessa Cheng headshotVanessa Wan Sze Cheng is a Research Associate and PhD Candidate at The University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre. Her PhD focuses on the co-design, development, and evaluation of MindMax, an AFL-themed, gamified mHealth app aimed at young men that delivers wellbeing modules based on positive psychology principles and acceptance and commitment therapy. Broadly, Vanessa is interested in how best to apply game design principles to eHealth and mHealth interventions and initiatives. Vanessa is keen to bring an HDR student and junior eHealth researcher perspective to the Steering Committee, and is excited to contribute to what will be an interesting and important event for consolidating eHealth research in Sydney and Australia. She can be found on Twitter
Trent Hammond headshotTrent Ernest Hammond is a Mental Health Researcher who comes from a psychology background and who has a keen interest in psychiatry. He works at Westmead Hospital, Blacktown/Mt Druitt Hospital, and Nepean Hospital. Trent is thrilled to be involved as a HDR Student Member of the eHealth@Sydney 2020 Conference Steering Committee, and, he iskeen to assist in managing the important functions of the upcoming Conference. Coming from a project management background, Trent brings a breadth of logistical, practical, and academic experience to our Steering Committee. Trent is an Academic Teacher in psychology and he wants to improve mHealth research focusing on psychiatric disorders, including social anxiety and depression; reducing mental health problems, including deliberate self-harm and suicide; and decreasing health employee burnout, from a human resources perspective. Further information regarding Trent’s background and experience is available on his academic profile page on The University of Sydney’s website
Anna Janssen headshotEarly Career Researcher
Dr Anna Janssen is a health technologist and digital health researcher in the Research in Implementation Science and eHealth Group (Faculty of Health Sciences). She has also undertaken industry research fellowships through the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre and the Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre. Anna has a broad interest in the design and use of digital technologies in healthcare, and their effect on health in general. Her research looks specifically at attitudes of health professionals towards the electronic data, harnessing electronic health data to change behaviour, the use of disruptive technologies such as virtual and augment reality in healthcare, the scalability and sustainability of digital health technologies and the design of health technology. She has been involved in a number of eHealth research projects, including investigating methods for engaging health professionals in online forums, and exploring the impact of technology on oncology MDTs in Western Sydney. Anna joined the eHealth@Sydney 2020 Conference Steering Committee to help realise the conference vision of bringing together eHealth researchers across faculties, disciplines and institutions to share their experiences.
Melanie Keep headshotAcademic Lead
Dr Melanie Keep is a Senior Lecturer in eHealth at the Faculty of Health Sciences of The University of Sydney. With a background in psychology, and a PhD in telehealth, she is interested in exploring the ways digital technologies connect people, and the impact of this. Specifically, her research has investigated how social media use influences our social and emotional well-being, and how digital health tools such as apps, and online health information can be used to improve patient-practitioner relationships. Continuing the theme of connection, Mel is delighted to be leading eHealth@Sydney 2020 after the success of the inaugural conference in 2019. She is excited about bringing together researchers in eHealth, providing mentoring support to emerging researchers, and building meaningful collaborations between researchers, health services, and industry. For more information about the mischief Mel gets into, please see her profile page on The University of Sydney’s website or follow her on Twitter
Matloob_headshotDr. Matloob Khushi is the Director of the Master of Data Science programme at the School of Computer Science (SCS), The University of Sydney. Before joining the SCS, from 2008-2017, he worked as a data scientist and a bioinformatician at The Westmead Institute for Medical Research (WIMR) and at the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI). Dr. Khushi’s research looks at developing novel methods and AI tools for analysing health data to unveil patterns that were not visible by applying previously known methods. He is passionate and excited about being part of the current era where technological and data science advancements can help shape the health sector faster than ever before.
Ardi headshotArdalan (Ardi) Mirzaei is a registered pharmacist and PhD student studying patients’ health information seeking behaviour. Ardi has a passion for applying machine learning and deep learning methods to transform healthcare as well as streamlining healthcare processes. He is an academic trainer in the coding languages of Python and R. Ardi is an active member of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and is a member of the digital health working group of the Health and Medicines Information Section as well as a member of the newly established FIP Technology Forum. As a member of the eHealth@Sydney 2020 Conference Steering Committee, Ardi is keen to use his expertise in conference planning to deliver an exciting experience that engages young researchers and health professionals.
Dr Brad Ridout headshotDr Brad Ridout is a Research Fellow with the Faculty of Health Sciences and co-founder of the Cyberpsychology Research Group and Node within the Digital Health and Informatics Network. He is also a Registered Psychologist with a special interest in the interaction between technology and psychological well-being. Brad is delighted to be a member of the eHealth@Sydney 2020 Conference Steering Committee and help showcase the innovative digital health research being conducted at the University of Sydney and beyond, as well as connect researchers and HDRs working in this exciting and diverse space. Brad is passionate about the potential for digital consumer technologies such as smartphones, social media and virtual reality to deliver mental health support and help address the barriers to qualified treatment young people face such as cost, stigma, accessibility and poor mental health literacy. Further information about Brad’s research is available here.
Jacqueline Wells headshotEvent Management and Communications
Jacqueline Wells manages the Digital Health and Informatics Network (DHIN) at The University of Sydney. With a background in Social Sciences and International Studies (Spain) and a Masters in Marketing (Comms) Jacqueline is interested in the social impact of digital health and the potential for better communication around its uses and benefits. Working on the DHIN, over the last two years, she has seen the enormous benefit the network has had in bringing together people working in digital health and eHealth who want to promote their work, gain connections and just generally have a space. Jacqueline is pleased to be working on the eHealth@Sydney event for the second year and she is very excited about the potential it has to bring so many innovative projects, minds, and stories into the same room. With a focus on event management and comms, for eHealth@Sydney 2020, she is aiming for the event to once again trend on Twitter#SydeHealth2020
Wu Yi Zeng headshotDr Wu Yi Zeng is an experienced human factors researcher with a background in psychology. He is currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Faculty of Health Sciences at The University of Sydney and his research focuses on the effectiveness of clinical decision support systems in health care settings. Wu Yi is excited to be a member of the eHealth@Sydney 2020 Steering Committee, and looks forward to contributing to the delivery of a fantastic event that provides the platform for researchers to showcase their work and the opportunity to network with prominent leaders in the field.
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