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The Cyberpsychology Node is for anyone who is interested in the impact of consumer technology (e.g. smartphones, video games, social networking, wearable technology, VR and AI, etc.) on human behaviour. This node run in conjunction with The Cyberpsychology Research Group (CRG) at The University of Sydney, conducting research into the cognitive, behavioural and health outcomes arising from the use of personal and organisational digital technology. Team members also work with industry partners to establish an evidence-base for digital solutions that aim to positively impact health outcomes.

Who we are

Node lead: Dr Andrew Campbell
Node lead: Dr Brad Ridout

Node content


Campbell, A. (2018). ABC News: World Health Organization declares Gaming Disorder a mental health condition.

Campbell, A. (2018). The Conversation: No, you’re probably not ‘addicted’ to your smartphone – but you might use it too much.

Keep, M. (2018). ABC News: How social media is connecting people living with illness.

Ridout, B. (2018). Sydney Morning Herald: What cyberpsychology tells us about kids and screens.

PhD student profile: Audrey Rollin

If you are interested in following the Cyberpsychology Node please look out for the content on the site with a #cyberpsychology

If you are interested in joining this node, please email Jacqueline to be included in all node-related communications and to be added to the node list.

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