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Coordinators: Dr Adeola Bamgboje-Ayodele and Dr Katrina Prior
Working Group: Dr Julie Ayre (DHIN ECR Rep), Dr Lisa Kouladjian O’Donnell (Secretary), Bethany Van Dort (Deputy Secretary), Rebecca Raeside (Community Engagement Officer), Melody TabaJames Puterflam, Xinzhu (Cynthia) Li, Aidan Tan

The Digital Health ECR Community is an informal group to bring together emerging researchers working in digital health or with an interest in digital health research. The community is open to all researchers who identify as early in their career (ECR) who have an interest in digital health, including honours, masters and doctoral research students. The Community will be involved a faculty-wide annual showcase in December that features guest speakers presenting on topics related to the event theme for that year, as well as rapid fire presentations from digital health ECRs at the University of Sydney. It is a special interest group within the Digital Health and Informatics Network (DHIN), and all Community members are encouraged to become members of the DHIN.

The Community has grown out of the Digital Health HDR Network which was established in 2018 with support from Professor Tim Shaw, as well as the School of Health Sciences eHealth and Healthcare Delivery Theme Advisory Group. The founding co-charis were Anna Janssen and Brad Ridout (2018 – 2022) In 2019 the Network received a Student Life Grant from the DVCE endorsed by Associate Professor Steve Cumming, which supported the activities of that year. In 2019 the network was supported by University of Sydney academic and general staff: Anna Janssen, Andrew Campbell, Brad Ridout, Amy Genner and Jacqueline Wells, as well as HDR students:  Matthew Naylor, Rebecca Chen, and Candice Donnelly.

Ways to connect

Join the HDR Network:
Follow Us on Twitter: @DigiHealthECR



Past Digital Health HDR Network Events–ALkKid4&t=12s
Deep Dive into Digital Health: Commercialising Research in Digital Health. This event was co-hosted with Sydney Knowledge Hub.


Articles and online resources of interest

The Thesis Whisperer
Rejection of rejection: a novel approach to overcoming barriers to publication | Chapman, C., & Slade, T. (2015). Rejection of rejection: a novel approach to overcoming barriers to publication. Bmj, 351, h6326.

Toolkits, guidelines and resources to support research

ResourceUseful for
CovidenceOnline resource to make collaborating on systematic reviews easier. A list of articles for review can be uploaded and co-reviewers can easily review based on title and abstract and full text.

University of Sydney Networks, Groups and Events

Discipline of Biomedical Informatics and Digital Health

The Discipline of Biomedical Informatics and Digital Health was established by the Faculty of Medicine and Health in 2020. It is led by Associate Professor Adam Dunn. The discipline runs a fortnightly lunchtime seminar series and has a newsletter that may be of interest to Digital Health HDRs.
eHealth@SydneyThe University of Sydney hosts an annual conference to showcase digital health research. The event has a strong HDR presence and Network members may wish to submit abstracts to present at future conferences. Highlights from the 2020 event are available here
eHealth and Healthcare Delivery ThemeSydney School of Health Sciences is home to a research theme on eHealth in healthcare. HDR Network members within Health Sciences may be interested in engaging with this group. The theme also has an active twitter feed @ehhsr_usyd
Sydney Informatics Hub WorkshopsThe Sydney Informatics Hub is an initiative of The University of Sydney. They run training on data science, statistics, programming, bioinformatics, research computing, and research data management which may be of interest to HDRs researching digital health.
Cancer Research NetworkThe Cancer Research Network connects researchers within The University of Sydney with teaching hospitals and affiliate research bodies. They may run events of interested to Digital Health HDR Network members working in cancer.
Library Research WorkshopsThe University of Sydney Library runs a range of workshops on research.

External Networks, Groups and Events

Digital Health CRCThe Digital Health CRC is a cooperative research centre that supports collaborative projects between industry and academia. The centre runs a series of webinars on topics that would be of interest to Digital Health HDRs. You can see publicly available webinars here
Australian Institute of Digital HealthThe Australian Institute of Digital Health is. The run events which may be of interest to Digital Health HDR Network members. You can view them here

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