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How can you get involved?

The theme of the conference this year is “Reality check: how do we make technology work in real life?

We would love to involve digital health consumers in this conversation.

If you use a health app, device, activity tracker to monitor your health or learn more about your health, we would love to hear from you.

Please consider submitting a 30 second video to share your experiences.

How do I film my video?

1. Set your phone up somewhere (or get someone else to hold it steady)

2. Start recording, look at the camera and say:

My name is [tell us your name – this is optional]

and I use digital health to [tell us a little about what you use and why,

e.g., an app to monitor my heart so my doctor can see what’s happening everyday]

3. Stop recording

4. Send us your video!

Tips for filming your video:

Top tips for filming

1. Camera Lens: if dirty/greasy, wipe the camera lens before you start

2. Landscape: position your phone sideways (this is best for all socials!)

3. Light: film in a well-lit room, where the light falls on your face

4. Noise: eliminate/limit background noise

Top tips for talking

1. Keep it short: around 20-30 seconds, no more than 1 minute

2. Keep it simple: avoid scientific words, summarise your experiences in a really simple way

You can find more information and submit the video here:

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