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How can you get involved?

Join our #DigitalHealthWeek23 Twitter chat!

The theme of the conference this year is “Hope not hype”.

Our ongoing vision for the Digital Health Week events is to have diverse speakers who challenge us and spark discussions that can help us all to create and use technology in ways that promote more inclusive healthcare and wellbeing.

This year’s theme will have a focus on exploring several concepts centred around hope for a better future:

Harnessing the disruption – what have we learnt from recent rapid changes, challenges, and chaos that can be used to improve digital health systems and outcomes?

Inclusive and collaborative – how can we nurture value-based, person-centred, and connected digital health care, ensuring living experience voices guide digital health initiatives?

Functional, ethical, and sustainable – how do we build diverse, considered, and ethical technologies that work and are equitable, now and into the future?

We would love to involve digital health consumers and researchers in this conversation.

On Wednesday 8th February at 8pm AEDT we will be hosting a one hour #DigitalHealthWeek23 Twitter chat.

Chair: Dr Krestina Amon (tweeting from the @digitalhealthn handle)

We will be discussing the following #DigitalHealthWeek23 Twitter chat questions:

1.      What digital health technology that exists now gets you most excited?

2.      It’s 2023, what digital health technology did you expect to be widespread by now, that isn’t?

3.      What’s your prediction for how digital health technologies have changed by 2030?

Key Twitter handles to follow: @digitalhealthn @DT4health @TyreeIHealthE

Tips for joining a Twitter chat:

1. Mark the date and time in your calendar so you don’t forget

2. When the time for the chat comes, go to Twitter and search for the #DigitalHealthWeek23 hashtag and follow the tweets along by clicking on the “Latest” tab. This way you will see all of the posts in the chat conversation

3. When posting or replying in the chat – always include the hashtag #DigitalHealthWeek23 in your tweet

4. At the start of the chat introduce yourself, where you’re joining the chat from & why you’re interested in digital health

5. The chair of the Twitter chat will post the questions for people to discuss throughout the hour – you can think about what you’d say before the chat

6. Try to enjoy it & hopefully meet some new people!

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