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The University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne will be co-hosting online digital health and data workshops in conjunction with Digital Health Week 2021.

WORKSHOP A: Data Science for Clinical Applications
17-19 Feb 2021 | 9am to 12noon (NSW) or 1pm -4pm (VIC).
Other locations – please email your preferred am/pm session times.
Registration fees: $500+GST [FT Students $440 (inc. GST) UMel/USyd Staff $495 (inc. GST)]

WORKSHOP B: Design of Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS)
24-26 Feb 2021 | 9am to 12 noon (AEST).
Registration fees: $375+GST [FT Students $330 (inc. GST); UMel/USyd Staff $371.25 (inc. GST)]

Click HERE for payment link. Please select either General/ Student/ Staff category (GST applied).

You will receive an email confirmation if your application for the workshop is successful as places are limited to the first 30 applicants. A certificate of attendance will be issued if you successfully attend/ participate in the workshop.

Further information:

WORKSHOP A: Data Science for Clinical Applications
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the forefront the multitude of ways in which data science guides and supports individual clinicians, officials and policy makers in making critical public health decisions. In this workshop we introduce the general-purpose Python programming language and showcase how it can be used for disease modelling, health data visualisation, and textual data processing. Attendees will work through a series of case studies to develop a hands-on understanding of current practices in public health data analysis. No prior programming experience is required. Attendees should have a laptop on which software can be installed; however, an alternative browser-based platform to support learning will be provided if required.

Topics covered: 
•    Session 1: An Introduction to Python for health (3 hrs)
•    Session 2: Modelling disease spread: case studies of influenza & COVID-19 (1.5 hrs)
•    Session 3: Python for data visualization (1.5 hrs)
•    Session 4: Natural Language Processing (NLP) for digital health (3 hrs)

Workshop A Leads: Dr Darya Vanichkina, Sydney Informatics Hub, the University of Sydney, and A/Prof. Brian Chapman, Centre for the Digital Transformation of Health, the University of Melbourne.

For further enquiries, please email Darya Vanichkina

WORKSHOP B: Design of Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS)
Clinical decision support systems are increasingly used in electronic medical record systems or as stand alone systems to filter information or present information in a timely manner to enhance health and health care. The series of sessions are designed to introduce the concept of how to design and evaluate attributes of a CDSS through theory and by using potentially useful case studies and scenarios. 

Topics covered: 
•    CDSS as knowledge translation tools: from a clinical problem to designing a CDSS
•    CDSS lifecycle
•    Design and implementation attributes of successful CDSS. Guest lecture by Dr. Philip Gough and Dr. Soojeong Yoo.
•    Evaluation of a CDSS – pitfalls and lessons. Guest lecture by A/ Prof Melissa Baysari.

Workshop Leads: Dr. Daniel Capurro, Centre for the Digital Transformation of Health, the University of Melbourne, and Dr. Audrey P Wang, Discipline of Biomedical Informatics and Digital Health, the University of Sydney.

For further enquiries, please email Daniel Capurro .

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop/s.
On behalf of the team @ Digital Health Workshops, USyd and UMel

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