Digital Innovation in Women’s Health: General Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Digital Innovation in Women’s Health: General Sexual and Reproductive Health

This is a new event series in 2021 looking at the convergence between women’s health and digital health across the lifespan. This is a collaboration between the Digital Health and Informatics Network (DHIN), and The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG). Each webinar will explore a distinct time in women’s life, starting with adolescence. The next event will focus on General Sexual and Reproductive Health

Date: Tuesday 9th November, 6.30pm-7.30pm
Cost: Free
Attendance: *Please note that this event is now fully online. A zoom link will be sent upon registration.


The panel will discuss how they are using technology-enabled solutions supporting sexual and reproductive health The panel will also share how they use digital health in their research, and practice, and discuss what advances have been made. Our speakers will share how digital health is disrupting traditional healthcare and look at how far there is still left to go. A Q&A session will follow the short speaker introductory talks with plenty of time for questions from attendees. The Digital Innovation in Women’s Health Series is free and open to the general public.

The panel will be Chaired by

Corinne Caillaud, Professor of digital health at the University of Sydney. She is co-chair of the “Nano Sensors & Diagnostics” cluster within the university Nano Health initiative and co-lead for the “Adolescents Health and wellbeing in the Pacific” group at the Charles Perkins Centre which brings collaborators from across the pacific region. She currently works on projects that aims to empower women monitoring health outcomes and being proactive about their health.

Prof Caillaud brings her strong expertise in health, sport and metabolism into nanotech and digital health interventions. She aims for effective innovation and creates new technology-supported solutions that help users self-monitor their health. Her approach includes implementing co-design frameworks with both consumers and health professionals to identify key levers for effective solutions in health. She is passionate about bringing technology into the health space through a human-centred approach, with a particular interest for accessibility and equity in digital health. Twitter handle @caillaudsydney. LinkedIn Corinne Caillaud

The speakers will be:

Dr Deborah Bateson is Medical Director of Family Planning New South Wales and has worked as a clinician, educator, researcher and advocate in sexual and reproductive health for almost 20 years. Deborah holds honorary positions as Clinical Associate Professor in the Specialty of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Neonatology at The University of Sydney and Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Social Research in Health at UNSW. Deborah’s work focusses on enhancing equitable access to cervical screening, contraception and safe abortion care across NSW and the Family Planning NSW International Program in the Pacific, which has included clinical oversight of the roll-out of telehealth and other digital innovations across its clinical services. Deborah has published widely and provides frequent commentary to the media on a range of women’s health issues. 

Dr Tim Ross MBBS FRACGP Medical Operations Director for the National Cancer Screening Register, Telstra Health, will discuss the way cervical screening data is handled for people now in the registries, along with any other interesting aspects of digital population health/women’s health matters.  Tim’s purpose is for populations to live their best lives through innovative solutions for our health system. With 20 years of experience as a GP, including education and representative work, Tim now works in population settings. Previously, he was with Bupa across health insurance, health services and aged care, and now, with Telstra Heath as Medical Operations Director for the National Cancer Screening Register, Telstra Health, where he leads operations including data quality, laboratory engagement, clinical safety, contact centre, mail house and data processing.

Dr Ujvala Rao BSc (Med) MB BS MMed FRANZCOG consulted on the development of an online information platform called . She has worked in multiple hospitals and general practices across NSW. Having completed training as a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, she decided to pursue further training in General Practice in order to provide care for the whole family. This is one of her greatest interests in medicine. She is looking forward to treating patients throughout their lifecycle from just after birth until old age.

Professor Meredith Makeham is the Associate Dean for Community and Primary Health Care with the Faculty of Medicine and Health at The University of Sydney. Her academic interests include Patient Safety in Primary Care and Aged Care. She is a general practitioner in Sydney with a strong interest in digital health systems that promote better connected care and empowering people and communities with access to their own health information. Meredith was previously the Chief Medical Adviser for the Australian Digital Health Agency and has supported the delivery of the National Digital Health Strategy and My Health Record system. She will discuss the way people can access their own health information and test results in women’s health.


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