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Dr Charmaine Tam is an NHMRC Early Career Fellow with 10 years experience investigating the physiological mechanisms behind obesity and its metabolic complications using clinical studies and preclinical models. In 2016, Charmaine received the Young Investigator Award from the Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society, the top honour for an early career researcher in the society. After spending the majority of her research career actively collecting and generating data, Charmaine became interested in cross-disciplinary approaches for understanding and solving complex population level diseases. She has since made a substantial investment in incorporating data science techniques into her current research program and collaborates with researchers at The University of Sydney, Local Health Districts, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network and in industry. Charmaine’s vision is to improve patient health outcomes and health care efficiency by applying the latest data science and statistical techniques to data liberated from electronic medical records and other digital repositories.

Dr Tam is on the DHIN Operations Committee.

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