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Dr Janice Gullick, RN, PhD, M.Art, BFA, FACN. Dr Janice Gullick is a nurse academic at the Sydney Nursing School, University of Sydney where she is the Director of Postgraduate Studies.

Janice has nearly 30 years’ experience as a senior nurse clinician in cardiothoracic surgery and cardiology. As coordinator of the Intensive Care Nursing courses at the University of Sydney since 2012, she has a particular interest in the development of advanced practice nurses who are both research literate and research active. With research interests in cardio-respiratory research, medical emergency processes and patient and family experience, Janice has nearly 50 peer-reviewed journal articles, one book and two book chapters and presents her research work regularly in international forums. Janice is recognised as an expert in qualitative methodologies. Janice is now collaborating with colleagues from the Sydney Health Partners, the Kolling Institute, the Centre for Translational Data Science and the Charles Perkins Centre to extract acute coronary syndrome data across diverse eMR platforms for benchmarking and quality improvement purposes and with the potential to inform development of an electronic chest pain pathway.

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