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Research in the hands of the consumerDigital health lunchtime seminar: A new approach to getting your health invention, innovation or research into your ideal consumers’ hands.

Dr Bronwyn Darlington, founder Healthspan Technologies, Agscent Technologies, Module Leader for the Sydney University Business School’s Global Executive MBA (Finding Opportunity in Disruptive Technology Module).

Tuesday 14th July, 12.00pm-12.45pm
Via Zoom Link
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Bronwyn will discuss the emergent innovation space from the consumer/commercialisation perspective. The problem right now is that if you are a person over 45, an aged care provider or an employer with an ageing workforce who wants to shift away from the ‘whack a mole’ sick care model of ageing and move to a holistic evidence-based healthspan paradigm, getting access to evidence-based products, services and information is currently difficult, time-consuming and adhoc.  But what if there was an easy to use online platform which curated evidence-based healthspan technologies and services to your needs. As new technologies emerged, imagine not having to talk to endless tech or sales representatives to find products or services best suited to your situation. What if you could engage with the front edge of global research as this exciting field develops? Bronwyn will share progress on an online platform (myhealthspan.com) designed to bridge the gap between emergent innovation, technology and research, and healthspan focused consumers such as health insurers, life insurers and aged care providers. She will also discuss her emerging research on the effect of self-perceived age and adoption of healthspan extending behaviours and technologies. Brought to you by the Discipline of Biomedical Informatics and Digital Health

Bronwyn_DarlingtonDr. Bronwyn Darlington BA UOW; MA UNSW; PhD SYD.

While Bronwyn Darlington has more than 25 years industry experience in a variety of sectors, including senior roles in agriculture, agritech, engineering, mining, local government, finance, and textile and apparel design and manufacturing, she also has significant small business experience as a serial entrepreneur. One current deep tech venture, Agscent Pty Ltd, is applying nanotechnology to digitize the breath of cows in order to detect pregnancy at a very early stage. Her latest start up, Healthspan Technologies and myhealthspan.com is a platform technology solution designed to shift the aging dial from sick care to health care by connecting evidence-based products, services and information to consumers/users to help us all live happier and healthier for longer.

At Sydney University, Bronwyn has coordinated and taught a number of units of study in the Business School including Startups and New Opportunities, Business Innovation and Sustainability and the Global Executive MBA: Finding Opportunity in Disruptive Technology. She also co-founded the interdisciplinary Unit ‘Inventing the Future’ which brings post graduate students and academics together from Business, Science, Engineering and Design in a credit bearing unit to invent a deep tech solution to a critical real-world problem. Bronwyn’s key teaching contribution focuses on problem definition from a consumer perspective, innovative business model design and commercially viable start up execution.

Bronwyn is also the Chair of Environmental Defenders Office, a national not for profit public interest environmental law organization, one of Bronwyn’s personal passions.

Bronwyn’s PhD thesis was titled:  One good deed deserves another: How moral identity and positive affect mediate the effect of costliness on pro-social consumer behaviour (or How do our feelings about spending money influence our moral sense of ourselves and what we buy?). She is currently researching the effect of self-perceived age identity on the adoption of heathspan enhancing technology, research and information.