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Research panelThe eHealth and Healthcare Delivery theme is hosting an online panel discussing how the organisational, economic and societal changes around COVID-19 are influencing digital health researchers. Panelists will explore a range of topics on being a digital health researcher in times of uncertainty including: coping with changes in collaborative research teams and issues of access to common health research settings. Strategies for supporting research team members, particularly higher degree research students will also be touched on. The panel will also look to the future and discuss how researchers should be planning for a post COVID-19 world. This will include sharing thoughts and discussing the unique ways researchers are equipped to act as leaders in the implementation and evaluation of digital health as COVID-19 forced rapid implementation of new digitised models of care.
Panel members: Professor Paulo Ferreira, Professor Leanne Togher, Professor Julie Redfern, Dr Nicole Rankin.
Chair: Associate Professor Mel Baysari
Date: Wednesday 13th May
Time: 12.00pm-1.30pm (1 hour panel + Q&A)