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Digital Health Lunchtime Seminar | CHAT-GP: Improving communication about heart disease risk assessment in general practice using eHealth interventions

CHAT-GPTuesday 11th August, 2020 | 12.00pm-12.45pm
Zoom link –  https://uni-sydney.zoom.us/j/410813893

The use of cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention guidelines based on absolute risk assessment is poor around the world, including Australia. Behavioural barriers amongst GPs and patients include capability (e.g. difficulty communicating/understanding risk), opportunity (e.g. lack of time/access to risk calculators), and motivation (e.g. attitudes towards guidelines). This presentation outlines the development and evaluation of a new ehealth interface for GP guidelines to address these barriers, including a decision aid that can be auto-populated from patient medical records. Following a theory-based development process and user co-design, the resulting intervention was acceptable to GPs with high intentions for use, improved identification of patient risk categories and more guidelines-based prescribing intentions for high risk but not low risk patients. The effectiveness of linking the intervention to clinical practice more closely to address implementation barriers will be evaluated in future research.

Carissa Bonner profileDr Carissa Bonner is a behavioural scientist who applies evidence-based decision making and risk communication strategies to address problems in public health. Her research is focused on improving the implementation of disease prevention guidelines in primary care using ehealth interventions, and developing patient decision aids across a range of health topics. Carissa is currently leading a NHMRC/Heart Foundation partnership grant to implement new ehealth tools to support GPs’ use of cardiovascular disease prevention guidelines: www.auscvdrisk.com.au