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In 2017, cybersecurity continues to grow as one of the key challenges for digital health in today’s hospital and healthcare system. There is no doubt the threat to patient records, safety and security is real and requires resourcing.

Connectivity and automated processes may help with workflow but they have also increased the vulnerability of healthcare providers to cybersecurity breaches. While cybersecurity may be perceived as primarily a technical matter it is much broader than this and encompasses both technology and human processes.

The disruption caused by cybersecurity incidents can have far-reaching effects:

  • lack of access to critical clinical information and services,
  • costly replacement of equipment and data,
  • loss of community confidence in our healthcare system and importantly
  • reputational damage to the providers and organisations that suffer a breach.

To complement the activity and publicity surrounding cybersecurity in healthcare, HISA has established a Cybersecurity Community of Practice (CoP) to inform, engage and influence in the context of cybersecurity in healthcare and the application of sound health cybersecurity practice.

Workshop Learning Objective

This interactive workshop will allow participants to understand the current and planned activities of the HISA Cybersecurity CoP, hear from cybersecurity experts regarding cyber risk mitigation strategies, understand key aspects of best practices in cybersecurity governance, and contribute ideas to help guide the activities of the CoP over the next 12 months.

Target Audience

  • Hospital CXOs
  • CMIOs and CNIOs
  • Clinicians – Medical, Nursing and Allied Health
  • Health Informaticians
  • Health ICT specialists
  • Vendors – large and small
  • Public and private sector board members
  • Cybersecurity experts – practitioners and consultants
  • Healthcare consumers