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Please join us for the  relaunch of the DHIN Seminar Series with a timely talk by Dr Kathleen Yin, Centre for Health Informatics in the Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University.

The talk: Social distancing policies imposed in many countries during the COVID-19 pandemic have contributed to significant deterioration in mental health in general populations around the world. Meanwhile, attempts to keep people indoors have resulted in a surge in the uptake of video games as a means to pass time, socialise, and cope. Despite mainstream media concerns, Dr Kathleen Yin’s team have conducted an international study at the height of the pandemic that revealed the world was using video games to re-establish normalcy, maintain exercise, sustain social connections, and (sometimes literally) keeping themselves sane.

By understanding how video games functioned as a positive motivator for well-being during the pandemic, we will be able to better leverage this immersive media to conduct health-related behaviour change in the future.

Bio: Dr Kathleen Yin works at the Centre for Health Informatics in the Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University, where she focuses her research on patient burden and motivational behavioural change for health benefits. She has a keen interest in using serious games, defined as games used for purposes more than entertainment, as behavioural medicine and a tool for self-directed learning. Kathleen firmly believes in engaging with industry and end users and had spoken extensively about serious games in industry, public, and academic events, including Game Connect Asia Pacific, PAX Australia, and The Game Developer’s Conference. She is a member of the Board of Trustees for Games for Change Asia-Pacific, and a Steering Committee member of the Serious Games Special Interest Group in the International Game Developers’ Association.

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