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Digital health presents hype and hope in equal measure, so how can you go from idea to impact?
Join us at the new Sydney Knowledge Hub for a talk and Q&A session on what an investor looks for in a digital health opportunity – presented by IP Group Australia and the University of Sydney.

Digital Health is re-inventing – and will solve – every problem in healthcare. Artificial intelligence will diagnose you before you get ill, autonomous robotic surgeons will operate on you and data will tell us everything that might go wrong with you before you’re even born. Five years ago this was the digital health hype. Arguably the hype is still high today, but we are seeing digital technologies now successfully making very real impacts in front-line healthcare. Digital health is real, and growing fast.

So what does successful digital health look like, and how does an investor view digital healthcare innovations? What does an investor look for in a digital health opportunity, and what makes ideas stand out? What are some of the challenges particular to this field, especially for academic-led innovations? What works and what doesn’t?

Simon Graindorge is an Operating Partner at IP Group Australia. He has deep experience and expertise as an investor and operator in medtech and digital health/AI in healthcare. He is very enthusiastic and optimistic about the potential impact of technology across all of healthcare, while remaining conscious of the challenges and sceptical of some of the current hype. In this talk and Q&A session he will share his views and insights specifically about digital health.

Speaker Biography

Simon Graindorge returned to his native Australia recently, having spent almost 20 years as an investor in medtech and digital health/healthtech in the UK, including operating experience from several stints ‘on the other side’ as an executive in startups himself. He has extensive experience investing in, building and growing start-ups, early stage and emerging growth companies based on early-stage, deeptech innovations from leading research institutions. Before joining IP Group Australia as an Operating Partner, Simon was a Partner in the UK life sciences team at IP Group, leading the investment strategy and portfolio in medtech and digital health/healthtech. Over the last decade he has invested in and helped build companies like Tissue Regenix Group plc, Oxehealth, Creavo Medical Technologies, Intelligent Ultrasound Group plc, Ibex Innovations, Pancregenesis. Simon joined IP Group from Ceramex Ltd, a corporate spin-out of the Hexadex Group and was previously an Executive Director at Tissue Regenix Group plc.

Simon holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Western Australia, and Bachelor degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry, and is also a Chartered Engineer.

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