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Twitter Chat

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Dystopian Wednesday Discussions
You can preview the videos (just in case of technical difficulties or if your Internet connection is likely to struggle to watch the video via zoom during the session) for each of the topic discussions to whet your appetite from the link below!

Click here: Dystopian Wednesday Discussions

Twitter Chat

Twitter Chat
As part of Digital Health Week 2021 we will be hosting a Twitter Chat (a public conversation on the social media platform Twitter) to talk about hot topics in Digital Health.

Digital Health = using technology for health and wellness.

The aim is to use things like telephone or video health appointments, mobile phones apps, wearable devices such as fitness trackers, and social media to support health and healthcare – so that it suits each person’s needs.          

How can you get involved?
We are looking for consumers, clinicians, researchers and the general public to share videos, audio or images in response to the following three questions:

Q1: Who are the digital health experts? Consumers (patients and the public), clinicians, both or what?
Q2: Is it a brave new world? How has digital health impacted your life either before or during COVID-19
Q3: The bits we’d keep. What digital health approaches would you like to become a routine part of healthcare in the future?

Creating your content
We are looking for four types of content to share as part of the Twitter Chat:
– A Selfie
– A Short Video
– A Short Audio Recording
– A Word Document (typed response)

A Selfie: A photo of yourself holding up your written response to one of the questions above.

We are encouraging anyone who is a healthcare consumer to post a selfie of themselves in a healthcare setting (which might also be at home!) with an encouraging message about their experience and how they were able to get the care they needed. Below is an example.

Q1: Who are the digital health experts? Consumers (patients and the public), clinicians, both or what?
A1: The digital health experts are…

A short video:  A video 1 minute or less holding a piece of paper with your response written on it and speaking in the background.

Example of Video for Twitter Chat

A short audio recording:  If you are unable to take a photo/video, make a voice recording (of around 1 minute) saying your response to one of the questions

A word document: A typed response to one or more of the questions submitted as a word document (your submission will be converted to an image for submission on Twitter).

Submitting your content
Download the templates for each question:

You can always just write your response on a plain sheet of white paper. We would really appreciate a response to each question, but we would love any response you are happy to provide us! If you submit a response to more than one question, please send them as separate files (e.g., one separate selfie or video for each answer).

We are keen to capture a diverse range of perspectives. If you would like to share your responses, but need some support recording your video please email:

Please submit your videos here

You are also welcome to email your submission by sending it to:

We would appreciate your submission by January 31st, 2021.

How your content will be used
Submissions will be posted on Twitter from the Digital Health and Informatics Network Twitter account @digitalhealthn

Content (your photos, videos, or audio recordings) will be used in the following ways:

  • During the Twitter Chat #DigitalHealthWeek21 on Wednesday 10th February 2021 (between 8pm and 9pm) in response to the online discussion.
  • To promote Digital Health Week prior to and during the event
  • In post event promotions (e.g. newsletters, conference reports) for Digital Health Week.
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