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Meet the DHIN Steering Commitee

The DHIN Steering Committee is made up of representatives from each of the University of Sydney health faculties, Sydney Health Partners, the Australian Digital Health Agency, eHealth NSW, Centre for Translational Data Science, Brain and Mind Centre, Menzies, Local Health Districts and the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network. The Steering Committee meets quarterly and brings together key stakeholders in digital and eHealth to oversee the development of the network. Below is a list of the DHIN Steering Committee:

Professor Margaret Allman-Farinelli | The University of Sydney, Science
Dr Lamiae Azizi | Centre for Translational Data Science
Professor Andrew Black | The University of Sydney, Research Development
Professor Peter Cistulli | The University of Sydney, Medicine
Professor David Cook | The University of Sydney, Vice Chancellor
Professor Sally Cripps | Centre for Translational Data Science
Professor Adam Elshaug | Menzies Centre
Aisling Forrest | Sydney Health Partners
Professor Robyn Gallagher | The University of Sydney, Nursing
Adele Haythornthwaite | The University of Sydney, Senior Policy Officer
Ronan Herlihy | eHealth NSW
Professor Garry Jennings AO | Sydney Health Partners
Aaron Jones | Sydney South LHD
Dr Peter Kennedy | eHealth NSW
Professor Meredith Makeham | Australian Digital Health Agency
Associate Professor Cheryl McCullagh | Sydney Children’s Hospital Newtork
Professor Andrew McLachlan | The University of Sydney, Nursing
Professor Jonathan Morris | Co-chair DHIN
Professor Sharon Naismith | Brain and Mind Centre
Dr Angus Ritchie | Sydney Local Health District
Dr Aldo Saavedra | The University of Sydney
Professor Tim Shaw | Co-chair DHIN
Professor Heiko Spallek | The University of Sydney, Dentistry
Marty Sterrett | Northern Sydney LHD
Angela Todd | Sydney Health Partners
Professor Leanne Togher | The University of Sydney, Health Sciences

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