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Health Sciences


Professor Leanne Togher is a speech pathologist who has worked in the area of communication disorders following brain injury for 30 years. Leanne is Associate Dean Research, Senior Research Fellow of the National Health and Medical Research Council, Principal Research Fellow of The University of Sydney and Associate Dean Research for the Faculty of Health Sciences. Leanne is a Board Member of the International Brain Injury Association, Fellow of the Australasian Society for the Study of Brain Impairment and Fellow of Speech Pathology Australia. Leanne’s work has led to a new focus on improving the communication of people with brain injury, particularly, by training people with brain injury and their communication partners. E-health and telehealth initiatives are emerging as new ways in which treatment can be provided to people with TBI and their families, and this is also a key interest for Leanne. Her roles include being a chief investigator on two NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence, project leader of the speechBITE evidence based practice website (speechbite.com), and joint consortium leader for TBI Bank, an international repository of spoken discourse. Leanne has received more than $14 million in research grants, published over 100 journal articles, 14 book chapters, 7 training manuals and she has co-edited the 2nd edition of a book about social communication disorders following TBI. Leanne is on the Editorial Boards of Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, Brain Impairment, Journal of Speech-Language and Hearing Research, Brain Injury, Aphasiology and the International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology.




Allied Health, University

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Speech Pathology


Apps & Mobile Health, Clinical Care, Telehealth

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Promoting Informed Healthcare Delivery, Safely Managing & Sharing Information, Supporting Health, Wellness & Rehabilitation, Towards Personalised Health

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