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Trent Ernest

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The University of Sydney; NSW Health

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Mr Trent Hammond is an Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Sydney (USYD) Nepean Clinical School and an Academic Teacher who has a strong background in psychology and has a keen interest in medicine (psychiatry). He is based at Nepean Hospital and he conducts research within Nepean Clinical School, Blacktown Hospital and Westmead Hospital, with the goal of preventing suicide and deliberate self-harm. Mr Hammond also has teaching and research positions with New South Wales (NSW) Health, Western Sydney University (WSU) and Charles Sturt University (CSU). He has a strong enduring relationship with the Child Abuse Prevention Service. Mr Hammond also enjoys managing his own tutoring business called Academic Support Masters.

Mr Hammond is pursuing a PhD in Medicine (Psychiatry) at USYD, which will focus on conceptualising a new mobile application (app) for Social Phobia (Social Anxiety Disorder), under the Primary Supervision of Dr Vlasios Brakoulias, a Conjoint USYD Academic, at Nepean Clinical School. His Auxillary Supervisors include Dr Andrew Campbell from USYD and Associate Professor Lisa Lampe from the University of Newcastle.

Mr Hammond has a variety of experience working in research and project positions for NSW Health, the Child Abuse Prevention Service, CSU, and the Commonwealth Government’s Department of Education and Training.

He enjoys working with diverse groups of people with a wide range of experience in various fields, including mental health, nursing, psychiatry, psychology, and medicine. Mr Hammond may best be contacted by email

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Clinical Analytics, Informatics, Mobile Health, Telehealth


Allied Health, Community, Government, Medicine, Nursing, University

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Apps & Mobile Health, Clinical Care, Data Science, Electronic Medical Records, Genomics / Biomedical Data & Bioinformatics, Human Factors, Population Health, Telehealth

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Building Digital Literacy, Promoting Informed Healthcare Delivery, Safely Managing & Sharing Information, Supporting Health, Wellness & Rehabilitation, Towards Personalised Health

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