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University of Sydney

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Health Sciences


Name: Syeda Zakia Hossain
PhD Sociology, University of Queensland, Australia
MA Demography, Australian National University, Australia
MA Sociology Dhaka University, Bangladesh
BA Honours Sociology, Dhaka University, Bangladesh

Position held:
Senior Lecturer, Behavioural and Social Sciences in Health, University of Sydney.
Course Director, Bachelor of Health Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney.
Team leader, Breast cancer awareness development project
Chief Investigator, Impact of social networking on teenage pregnancy in NSW and Tasmania project
Editorial board member: Journal of Community Medicine and Health Education
Reviewer: Journal of Studies in Family Planning, Journal of Social Science; Health Education and Behaviour, Sage Open

Awards and Prizes:
Recipients of the following awards:
Australian International Development Assistance Bureau (currently AusAID) for 2 years
Winrock International Funds for 4 years

Contact details:
Discipline of Behavioural and Social Sciences in Health
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Sydney
75 East Street, Lidcombe NSW 1825
Phone 61 2 9351 9340
Fax 61 2 9351 9566
Mobile 61 433 545 532

Teaching experience in national and international universities for more than 26 years:
University of Sydney, Australia, 1996 onwards
Singapore Institute of Management (1996-2006)
The University of Queensland, Australia (1990-96)
Dhaka University (1986-94)

Dr Zakia Hossain is a health sociologist, demographer and a policy analyst. She has extensive experience in teaching, research and administration. Her employment consists of 40% teaching, 40% research and 20% administration.
• Her teaching is in the areas of health sociology, International health, Cross-cultural issues in health, health policy, research methods and statistics for more than 26 years.
• She has experience in teaching cross-discipline units of study and taught students across the professional discipline of the Faculty of Health Sciences, including Medical Radiation Sciences Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Exercise and Sports Sciences, Rehabilitation Counseling, and Health Sciences of the University of Sydney.
• Her teaching focuses on Health sociology, health inequalities, the social and cultural context of health, health systems, health policy, sociology of ageing, and international health.
• International teaching: Dr Hossain had extensive experience of teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students at national and international universities. She taught Bachelor of Nursing and Physiotherapy program of the Singapore Institute of Management for more than 10 years. This was a part of the offshore teaching program of the University of Sydney.
• She also taught both undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh for eight years.
• Dr Hossain has made a significant contribution to the curriculum development of the Faculty of Health Sciences. She worked with the Associate Dean and other colleagues from the professional disciplines on assessments and setting standards of the Faculty’s courses and implemented them.
Higher Degree Research Supervision: Dr Hossain has excellent PhD supervision records. In the last 9 years, she has contributed to the University with thirteen (13) PhD completions. Currently, she is the Principal supervisor of five (5) PhD and 2 Research Master and a three (3) Honours student. Also, act as an Associate supervisor of two (2) PhD students. Dr Hossain has supervised students’ research projects primarily in health, demography, women’s reproductive health, breast cancer, diabetes, disability, international health and health policy. Her research has attracted more than 30 international students of the University of Sydney.

Leadership and Research Grants
Dr Hossain made significant contributions in the field of women’s health in developing countries and has actively led a number of research projects. Her primary research focus is in health sociology, demography and international health. She has lead research in women’s health, in particular, reproductive health, breast cancer, anomie, ageing, health issues in developing countries and migrant women’s health in developed countries.
National and International collaboration:
Dr Hossain currently is working on a number of projects, collaborating with academic from multidisciplinary team/FRG (HS&GP, MRS, PT, OT), faculties (Medicine, Engineering and IT), International universities (University of Malaya, University of Charles Drew University of Medicine and Sciences, UCLA, University of University of Dhaka) and Institutes (National Institute of Cancer Research and Hospital, and ICDDRB).
She has extensive experience in international collaboration with researchers and academics from Australia, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arab, United Arab Emirates, India and Bangladesh. Some of the key national and international collaborations are listed as follows:
• Dr Hossain is working as one of the CIs of an international collaborative project titled Towards improving breast cancer diagnosis and breast cancer awareness among RAK women. in the United Arab Emirates with Professor Patrick Brennan, Professor Martin Mackey, Mr Albeshan from the University of Sydney. International collaborators are Ras Al Khaimah Hospital, RAK Medical and Health Science University, funded by the Al Qasimi Foundation of UAE. 2014-2016, the project is worth $29,000.
• Dr Hossain and the team Patrick Brennan (Leader), Martin Mackey, Zakia Hossain, Salman Albeshan were successful in obtaining the 2nd round of Seed-Funding from the Al Qashimi Foundation (AQF) for 2017-18, worth $30,000. Project title:
• Dr Hossain collaborated on the invitation with researchers from Brisbane (Australia), China (Shanghai), Johor Bahru (Malaysia), Cebu City (Philippines) and Dhaka (Bangladesh) in a Swiss Academy funded project on Asia Pacific Anomie research project in 1999-2000. She was the Project leader of the Bangladesh site. The project was worth $270k.
• Principal investigator and team leader of another international collaborative research project titled Breast cancer in developing countries in particular Bangladesh. Collaborators were Dr Kate O’Loughlin (Health Sociologist), Dr Ann Poulos (Medical Radiation Scientist) from the Faculty of Health Sciences; Dr Amanullah (Sociologist), Prof Parveen Shahida Akther (oncologist), Dr Afroza Begum (Sonologist) from Bangladesh, from 2006-2012. The project was funded by the International project development funds (IPDF), Faculty of Health Sciences and The Social Science Institute of the University of Sydney The project was worth $35,000
• Chief Investigator of the ARC Discovery project titled Westside story: Fertility control Supports for CALD Youth in Western Sydney with a multidisciplinary team from the University of Sydney, UTS and Western Sydney University, worth $294,825, was submitted for funding in Feb 2016. Collaborators are Professor Elias Mpofu (team leader), Professor Rachel Skinner (Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney) and Dr Zakia Hossain, Dr Andrew Campbell and Dr Abdolvahab Baghbanian, Vahaab (Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney), Dr Mary Lam (UTS) and Professor Pranee Liamputting and Dr Tinashee Dune (University of Western Sydney)

Leadership in professional organisations
Founding Secretary of the Asia Pacific Sociology Association (APSA) for three terms, 1996-2000, 2000-2004 and 2014-2018. The role was to liaise with Executive committee members from Asia Pacific regions, increase networking among members from Asia Pacific countries and create opportunity to research collaboration between members,
Member, The Public Health Association Australia, 2014-
Secretary, The Asia Pacific Sociology Association, (1996-2002) (2014 onwards). Maintenance of professional relationship and continuing role as a member of the Executive committee of the Asia Pacific Sociology Association.
Advisor of the Metro Migrant Resource Centre (MMRC), in Australia. As an Advisor, Dr Hossain assisted these organisations with their existing and new initiatives concerning migrants’ resettlement, health improvement, skill development and domestic violence and other related matters.

The outcomes of most of Dr Hossain’s research projects were published as international journal articles and book chapters. She has published more than 25 papers in a number of international peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Health Education and Behaviour, Cross-cultural gerontology, International Journal of Ageing and Society, Sexuality, Journal of Ageing and Society; and Middle Eastern Journal of age and Ageing, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy (IJSSP), and Journal of Community Medicine and Health Education. WHO Eastern Mediterranean Journal of Health.

List of Selected publications
Chapter in a book
Mpofu, E., Mackey, M., Hossain, S.Z., Cordier, R., Millington., M. and Wilkes-Gillan, S. (2015) 45 Pedagogical Techniques in the Health Sciences; The SAGE Sourcebook of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement; Omobolade (Bola) O. Delano-Oriaran, Marguerite W Parks, Suzanne Suzanne Fondrie (eds). Sage Publications.

Mpofu, E., Levers, L. L., Mpofu, K, Tanui, P. and Hossain S. Z, (2015). Family assessments in rehabilitation service provision. In M. Millington & I. Marini (Eds.). Families in Rehabilitation Counseling: A Community-Based Rehabilitation Approach, (pp. 251-266). New York, NY: Springer

Baghbanian, A., Mpofu, E., & Hossain, S.Z. (2015). Epilogue: What Matters in Community Oriented Health Services. In E. Mpofu (Ed.). Community-oriented health services: Practices across disciplines. NY, NY: Springer.

Gwirayi, P., Mpofu, E., Hossain, S.Z., Dune, T., & Letshwenyo-Maruatona, S (2012) Sexual and Reproductive Health. Keith, K.D. (Ed.). The Encyclopaedia of Cross-Cultural Psychology. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.
Hossain, S.Z. (2003) ‘Globalisation, Rapid urbanisation and anomie in Dhaka’ in Globalisation, culture and inequality in Asia. Trans Pacific Press, Melbourne.
Hossain, S.Z. (2001) ‘Demography, Mortality’ (Chapters) in Death and Dying Encyclopedia. Oxford University Press.
Hossain, S.Z. and Skinner, J (1997) `Introduction to Demography’, Rod Jensen (ed) The University of Queensland, St. Lucia
Hossain, S.Z. (1996) Determinants and Differentials in Fertility in Bangladesh: A Path Analysis. Alauddin, M. and Hasan, S (eds) Bangladesh: Economy People and the Environment. Brisbane, The University of Queensland.

Contribution to refereed journals

Manuscript submitted for publication:

Abbas, M., Sitharthan, G., Hossain, S. Z., & Hough, M. J. (2017) Psychological Distress, Coping and Help-Seeking Behaviour of Muslims Living in Australia. International Journal of Intercultural Relations ((received rewires’ report, now working on it and will be submitted in June)

Abbas, M., Sitharthan, G., Hough, M. J., & Hossain, S. Z. (2017). An Exploratory Study of Acculturation among Muslims in Australia. Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture (Currently under review).

Asif, N. Hossain, SZ and Jones, M (2017) Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Behaviour among South Asian Women: The Role of Acculturation. Journal of Behavioural Medicine. (Submitted on 30 May 2017)

Asghari-Fard, M. and Hossain SZ (2017) Identity construction of second generation Iranians in Australia: Influences and perspectives. Social Identities: Journal for the study of Race, Nation and Culture. Vol 23, Issue – 2.
Hossain, SZ, Robinson, L and Clarke, J (2016) Breast cancer knowledge and participation in breast screening practices among Southeast Asian women living in Sydney. GSTF Journal of Nursing and Health Care. Vol 3,N0.2.
Shadid, H and Hossain, SZ (2015) Smoking behaviour, knowledge, perceived susceptibility and seriousness of lung cancer among Secondary schools students in Amman, Jordan. Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal.
Alizadeh, M. Hossain, SZ, (2014) Associations between Physical Activity and Self-reported Health-related Quality of Life in Community-Dwelling Older Adults in Tehran, Iran. Journal of Physical Activity & Health. (JPAH.2014-0187)

Mustapha, W. Hossain, SZ and O’Loughlin (2014) Management and Impact of Diabetes on Quality of Life among the Lebanese Community of Sydney: A Quantitative Study. Diabetes Metabolism 2014, 5:1.

Alizadeh-Khoie, M. Hossain, SZ and Sharifi, F. (2013) Elder Abuse: Risk factors DOI is 10.1080/03601277.2013.857995.

Shadid and Hossain, SZ (2013) Understanding smoking behaviour among secondary school students in Amman, Jordan: A qualitative study. J Community Med Health Educ 2013, 3:2

Yang, C., Hossain, SZ. Sitharthan, G (2013). Collaborative Practice in Early Childhood Intervention From the Perspectives of Service Providers. Infants & Young Children: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Special Care, 26(1), 57-73.

Mustapha, W., Hossain, S., O’Loughlin, K. (2012). Detection, Management and Impact of Diabetes among the Lebanese Community of Sydney: A Qualitative Study. Community Medicine & Health Education, 2(7), 1-10.
Alizadeh-Khoei, M., Hossain, S., Abdollahpour, I. (2012). Mental and physical health status among elderly people: The role of socioeconomic predictors. Middle East Journal of Age and Ageing, 9(5), 12-22.
Hosseinzadeh, H., Hossain, S., Bazargan-Hejazi, S. (2012). Perceived stigma and social risk of HIV testing and disclosure among Iranian-Australians living in the Sydney metropolitan area. Sexual Health, 9(2), 171-177.
Hosseinzadeh, H., Hossain, S.Z. and Nikinami, Sh (2012) Levels and Functions of HIV/AIDS Stigma within the Iranian Community living in the Sydney metropolitan area, Health Education Journal vol. 71(1): 115-128.
Hosseinzadeh, H., and Hossain, S.Z. (2011) Functional analysis of HIV/AIDS stigma: consensus or divergence? Journal of Health Education and Behaviour. Vol.
Alizadeh, M., Mathews, M., Hossain, S.Z (2011) The role of acculturation in health status and utilisation of health services among the Iranian elderly in Metropolitan Sydney. Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology. Vol 26. Issue 4: 397-405.
Hossain, S.Z., Mathews, M., Alizadeh, M., O’Loughlin (2009) understanding psychological distress among elderly migrants and use of health care services: Does ethnicity matters? Journal of Nutrition, Health and Ageing, June issue.

Commissioned report
World Health Organisation (2001) Global Health Expectancy Research Among Older People. Ageing and Health Technical Report 1. WHO Kobe Centre. This report is a commissioned research project conducted by a team from the University of Sydney. The Project consultants were Professor Hal Kendig and A/Professor Susan Quine and the Project Officers were Dr Zakia Hossain and Ms Amanda Parsons.
Davey, J. Hossain, S.Z. Brodie, H. Mahon, C and Petroeschevsky, A (1995) Background Research Report for the Queensland Drug Offensive Strategy Adult Alcohol Campaign. Report prepared for Queensland Health.
Khan, M.A., Western, J. and Hossain, S.Z. (1992) Sustainability of Social Sector Experiences: The Asian Experience. Economic Development Institute of the World Bank. EDI working Papers.

Invited Presentations:
Hossain, S.Z, Islam, A., and Lewis, S (2015) Breast cancer among the Muslim community in Sydney: World Congress of Breast Cancer, held in Birmingham, UK, Aug 3-5. On invitation delivered the presentation as a “Renowned Speaker’ of the World Congress of Breast Cancer.
Hossain, SZ (2014) Awareness and detection of breast cancer, cultural and religious issues. Delivered lecture on invitation at Metro Migrant Resource Centre (MMRC) held at Lakemba Public Library auditorium on September.

Conference presentations

Hossain, S.Z. Robinson, L and Clarke, J (2016) Ethnic differences in the breast cancer knowledge, participation and experience of breast screening practices: A study of South East Asian women in Sydney, 13th The Asia Pacific Sociology Association Conference held in Phenom Peng University, Cambodia, September.

Hossain, S.Z, Islam, A., and Lewis, S (2015) Breast cancer among the Muslim community in Sydney:
World Congress of Breast Cancer, held in Birmingham, UK, Aug 3-5. Presented paper on the invitation as a Renowned speaker of the conference.

Hossain, S.Z., O’Loughlin, K., Polous, A., Amanullah, SAM., Akther, PS., and Begum. SA. (2014) Breast cancer awareness and health care service utilisation among women in Bangladesh, The Asia Pacific Sociology Association Conference held in Chiangmai, Thailand, Oct.
Hossain, SZ., Mustapha, W (2013) Detection and Management of Diabetes among Lebanese community living in Sydney metropolitan area, 2013 Asia Pacific Sociology Association Conference held in Manila, Oct.
Mustapha, W., Hossain, SZ (2012) Effects and Management of Diabetes: a study of Lebanese Community is Sydney. World Congress of Diabetes, held in Hyderabad, India, Oct 2012.
Hossain, S.Z., O’Loughlin, K., Polous, A., Amanullah, SAM., Akther, PS., and Begum. SA. (2011) Breast cancer awareness development among women in Bangladesh, Global Health Conference, held in Washington DC, June.
Caldwell, H., Hossain, S., Birch, M. (2011). Purchasing sex – describing the lived experiences of men who buy sex in Australia through client Narrative. 20th World Conference on Sexual Health, Plymouth MA USA: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing.

Caldwell, H., Hossain, S., Birch,, M. (2011). Self-Perceptions: Clients who access Commercial Sexual services in Australia. Erotic Screen and Sound: Culture, Media and Desire Conference, ACT Australia: Sydney University.

Caldwell, H., Hossain, S.Z., and de Wit, J. (2011). Self-perceptions of male clients of the Australian sex industry – How they place themselves politically and their position within the context of the sexual contract. Australasian Sexual Health Conference, ACT Australia: Royal Australasian College of Physicians

Hossain, S.Z., Mathews, M., Alizadeh, M. and O’Loughlin, K. (2009) Psychological distress among ethnic elderly: does ethnicity matter? World Congress of Ageing. Held in Paris, June.

Hossain, S.Z (2007) Ageing in a Diverse culture. ‘Charging towards our future’ conference, organised by Northside Community Forum Inc. and TAFE NSW- Northern Sydney Institute, Northern Beaches College, held at Zenith Theatre, Sydney on 25 September.

Hossain, S.Z. (2002) Rapid urban growth, development of anomie and impact on health’, paper presented at the World Congress of Sociology, organized by the ISA (International Sociology Association) held in Brisbane.

Hossain, S.Z (2002) ‘Uncontrolled urban growth, anomie and quality of life’, paper presented at the Asia Pacific Conference, held in Brisbane.

Hossain. S.Z. (2001) Women and Anomie in Bangladesh. 6th Women in Asia Conference held at The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, from 23-26 September.
Hossain, S.Z. (2001) Urbanisation and Anomie: a case study of Dhaka’ presented at the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology Research colloquium, School of Social Sciences, University of Newcastle.
Weerakoon, P. Pynor, R., Kilburn-Watt, E., Jones, M.K., Bathurst, L., Hossain, S. Z. (2000) Health Professional students’ anticipated level of comfort in clinical interactions which have sexual implications- preliminary findings. College of Health Science second Research Conference 2000, From Cell to Society 2” Leura, NSW.
Hossain, S.Z. and Akthar, S. (2000) Uncontrolled Urban Growth and Development of Anomie in Bangladesh. Asia Pacific Conference of Sociology, held at Kwansi National University, Kobe, Japan, 16-18 September.

Examiner of PhD, Masters and Honours thesis
Dr Hossain has been invited to act as an examiner of a number of Higher Degree Research thesis including 12 PhD, three (3) Research Masters and a number of honours thesis submitted at various universities of Australia. Below is the list of PhD thesis examined by Dr Hossain:
Kyarkanaye, T (2016) Team collaboration in early childhood intervention services in South Africa: comparing professional and caregiver perspectives. Faculty of Humanities, University of Pretoria; South Africa.
Islam, M.S. (2015) Thesis title: The influence of Governance on the quality of health services delivery in Bangladesh. University of Adelaide, Oct 2013.
McGregor, R (2013) Introduction of a Sonographer Practitioner Role in the Australian Health Care System: Opportunities and Barriers, University of Sydney, March 3013.
Bonik, B.K. (2013) Availability and Accessibility to Primary Health Care Services for Women Living in Poverty: The Bangladesh Case. PhD thesis submitted at the University of New England, Australia.
Hanley, N. (2010) Sexual adjustment and Self-perception in Men Following Prostate cancer Treatment Masters of Applied Science, the University of Sydney.

PhD thesis by McLennan, V. (2010) The role of family and community resilience in Indigenous wellbeing. The University of Sydney.
Hossain, S, M (2006) Urban poverty and adaptations of the poor to urban life in Dhaka city, Bangladesh. The University of New South Wales.
Thai Ying Cannas Kwok (2004) ‘The role of culture in breast cancer prevention among Chinese-Australian women, PhD thesis. The University of Sydney.
Alam A. A.M. (2003) Institutions in transition: environmental policy-making in developing countries – the case of Bangladesh. PhD thesis. The University of New South Wales.
SE Habib (2002) on ‘Challenges and Risks: harm reduction, risk practices and the transmission of Hepatitis C in Sydney’, PhD thesis. University of New South Wales.
AAA Ullah (2002) ‘ A socio-cultural analysis of sexual risk and disease in a developing country: the failure of KAP-based theories applied to controlling HIV/AIDS in Bangladeshi sex industry’, PhD thesis. University of New South Wales,
Michael Reid (2000) Australian Immigration Policy: a gender perspective, Master Thesis, School of Humanities, Media and Cultural Studies, Southern Cross University.

Examiner of four (4) Honours thesis submitted by Lauren May Brown and Rosemary McFee, honours students of Health Information Management Discipline of the University of Sydney, in Nov 2010, 2012

Book Review

Gardner, H (eds) (2007) Analysing Health Policy – A problem-oriented approach, Elsevier Australia, Churchill Livingstone.

Reviewer of manuscripts of peer-reviewed journals

Dr Hossain is a reviewer of Churchill Livingstone and Pearson Australia. She has also acted as a reviewer of a number of international journals including AIDS and Behaviour, Studies in Family Planning, and Death and Dying Encyclopedia, and Health Education Journal.
Reviewed/currently reviewing paper submitted in the following journals:

Review Manuscript

Journal of cross-cultural gerontology (2016).
When caregiving responsibilities intertwine with employment role: conflictual, negotiable or synergistic? Paper submitted to the Journal of cross-cultural gerontology. Reviewed the paper on invitation in April 2016.

BMC (Biomed centre, the Open access publishers). April 2016.
Paper ID: TIND-D-16-00016 (April 2016)
Knowledge and practice of smoke free laws among teachers employing in secondary schools of Mangalore, India. Jay Prakash Sah, M.Sc; Jennifer Mathias, MPH; Sanjeev Kumar Shah, MPH; M. Salahuddin, Msc submitted in the Journal of Tobacco Induced Diseases.

“Journal of Cancer Epidemiology, January 2016.
Review Article 6792612 titled “A strategy for cancer prevention in Bangladesh,” by Richard R. Love, submitted in the “Journal of Cancer Epidemiology, January 2016..

Journal of Health Education & Behavior, May 2015. Sage
manuscript # HEB-15-0157 entitled “¡Cocinar Para Su Salud!: Development of a culturally-based nutrition education curriculum for Hispanic breast cancer survivors using a theory-driven procedural model” submitted to the Journal of Health Education & Behavior., May 2015. Sage publication

Health Education and Behaviour (2014) Recent trends in diabetes knowledge, perceptions and behaviours: implications for National Diabetes Education.
Australian Health Review (2014) A systems life cycle approach to managing radiology profession- An Australian case.
The Australian Journal of Rehabilitation Counselling (2013) Needs, frustration and goals of Australian women with disability –a qualitative study;
SAGE Open (2013) Manuscript Title: Attitudes of Saudi nursing Students on AIDs and Predictors of willingness to provide care for patients in Central Saudi Arabia
Asian Women (2013) Effects of Health Belief Components on Women’s Intention of Early Cancer Screening: A Comparison among the US, Japan, and South Korea;
Mortality, Reviewed a paper in 2004 titled Avoidable maternal deaths in St.Luje’s Hospital Annu UYO, Akwa Ibom state of South Nigeria submitted to Mortality, UK, the peer reviewed journal.

1. Dr Hossain was interviewed by Channel News Asia on the topic titled, What makes Asians at higher risk to Type 2 Diabetes? On 12th Nov, 2015. Other panel members were Dr Ben Ng,, Consultant Endocrinologists, Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Dr Gojka Roglic of Word Health Organisation. The program is available at Links to video on Diabetes in Asia, Between the Line TV interview with channelnewsasia, On 12 Nov 2015. Please choose “Between The Lines” on the left-hand menu list.
2. Dr Hossain was interviewed by Eryk Bagshaw, Sydney Morning Herald Journalist on 5th November, 2014 on ABS data on Deaths and life expectancy in Australia. The some of the interviews was published as a New article on 11th Nov in the Sydney Morning Herald under the Heading, Remote NSW life expectancy as low as Iraq” also published on-line which is available at:
Dr Hossain – SBS Radio Interview on Women’s breast cancer, broadcasted in October 2012.
Dr Hossain was interviewed by Jarvid Heather of ABC Radio. The interview topic was on women, education, use of contraception and development in third world countries, Bangladesh in particular. This interview was broadcasted on Asia Focus Program on 22 December 1994.
Professional organization
Founding Secretary (for three terms) Asia Pacific Sociology Association, form 1996-2000, 2000-2004, 2014-18;
Member, The Asia Pacific Sociology Association, (2003-current)
Member, Public Health Association Australia (2014-)
Member, Global Health Council, (2009- -current)
Member, Breast Cancer Research Network, University of Sydney (2007- current),
Member, Sydney South-Asian research network. (2010- current)

Research interests:
Women’s health, in particular breast cancer, reproductive health,
Cross-cultural issues in health & ageing,
HIV/AIDS, Stigma
Migration, acculturation and health
Climate change, migration and resettlement
Developing countries, South Asian countries

Referee: Available upon request


Digital Health, Mobile Health, Telehealth



Other Discipline(s)



Data Science, Human Factors, Population Health, Telehealth

Domains of Interest

Promoting Informed Healthcare Delivery, Supporting Health, Wellness & Rehabilitation


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