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This month we are also profiling PhD student Audrey Rollin. Audrey recently arrived in Sydney from France and joined the Health Sciences PhD program in the Cyberpsychology Research Group. Audrey previously graduated with a Bachelor in Clinical Psychology and also has a Masters in Communications & Marketing. Through her studies, Audrey has had the opportunity to travel and she enjoys discovering new cultures and meeting people from all around the world. We asked Audrey about her research.

What is your research on?
My research is focused on digital health and the benefits it can provide to post-treatment patients and Health Care Professionals (HCPs). My project will be centred around a pilot Melanoma study which aims to be expanded into other digital health areas.

My passion for innovation, my interest in health sciences and my willingness to combine my backgrounds in Psychology and Comms-Marketing, has led me to delve into digital health.

What are the real world consequences of your research?
What I wish to achieve is to improve the recovery rates and life for people suffering from Melanoma. My research aims to give patients better and faster access to quality health services. Digital health will also allow practitioners to better collaborate and derive greater data driven insights.

What does digital health mean to you?
To me, digital health represents any electronic system that provides greater health care for a better quality of life. As an example, digital health portfolios offer a broad range of online resources, e-tools and platforms. Also online social media communities, wiki pages, mobile apps, webinars, virtual reality tools, eHealth record systems etc.

Digital health aims to improve real time data collection, diagnostic processes, treatment protocol development, patient monitoring, personalized care, etc. This allows patients and HCPs  to collaborate and co-create together. It also helps HCPs to work with real-time data from a single source. Additionally digital health provides a better understanding and level of education to patients and HCPs.

Digital health hence puts health in the hands of the consumer, provides real-time data, increases accuracy in diagnosis and interaction between patients and HCPs. The digitalisation of health is booming within the medical industry, but it still needs to be better understood and accepted by both patients and HCPs.

A big thank you to Audrey Rollin.

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