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Practice Analytics Profile: Professor Tim Shaw

This month the Practice Analytics Node profiles Professor Tim Shaw. Tim is the inaugural professor of eHealth at The University of Sydney and Director of the Research Implementation Science and eHealth Group (RISe). He is an internationally recognised leader in the impact of technology on healthcare and translation of evidence into practice and policy. He works at the interface between quality improvement, professional development and implementation science to ensure the rapid and sustained uptake of innovation.

Tim was asked five quick questions about Practice Analytics:

What does practice analytics mean to you?

How we can use the data that surrounds a clinician or team of clinicians to understand their practice and performance. We can use this to support learning.

How did you get interested in practice analytics?

When I realised how valuable feedback on performance is. I first experienced that when I ran a program at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston when we included feedback on local patient reported outcome data in online cases for nurses.

What excites you about the area?

I think it is a largely untapped area in terms of impact on learning and opens up great technology opportunities for innovative program design.

What are some of big challenges in the practice analytics areas?

We don’t yet really know how easy it will be to extract sophisticated picture of a clinicians or teams practice based on EMR data. Clearly there are also issues around data ownership and governance and also technical challenges to build systems. I am still very confident we can overcome these.

What is your “blue sky” vision for the area in the next five years?

Where clinicians routinely receive high impact education and training that is personalised and based on their practice.


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