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Research student profile: Madaline Kinlay

August newsletter feature Maddy KinlayThis month we are pleased to feature Madaline Kinlay. Madaline is a PhD candidate whose research aims to identify and classify new system-related errors related to the ongoing use of eMeds. Madaline’s other passions are Health Psychology and her dog.

Please tell us a little about yourself
I recently completed my Honours in Psychology, researching how humans process faces, however my real interest lies in Health Psychology. I have an interest in both clinical work and research, particularly relating to the healthcare system. I currently work at the Northern Beaches Hospital as a Peer Support Worker in Mental Health, and I’m also a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Health Science at the University of Sydney. When I’m not at work or university, you can find me hanging out with my dog!

What is your research on?
Over the next couple of years, the NSW government aims to replace all paper-based medication charts with electronic medication management systems (eMeds) in public hospitals. eMeds are fantastic, because they’ve been associated with a reduction in prescribing errors, however their implementation has also led to new errors arising, that were not possible or unlikely to occur with paper charts. My research aims to identify and classify these new system-related errors that persistently occur with the ongoing use of eMeds.

What are the real world consequences of your research?
Currently, limited research has been undertaken in an Australia context, and due to the infancy of eMeds in NSW, there remains a significant need to determine the possible long-term consequences of the system. My research will highlight potential issues coinciding with the shift to electronic systems in healthcare, specifically with respects to medication, and then provide mitigation strategies to reduce or prevent these issues from occurring in the future or at other sites. Given the complexity of implementing an entirely new system throughout an organisation, it is vital that eMeds are frequently evaluated to ensure their continual improvement, and I hope my research will add to the growing body of research in this area.

What does digital health mean to you?
Digital health to me is the perfect combination of technology and wellbeing. It is about finding a balance between up-to-date, innovative and useful technology, and the need for compassionate, thoughtful and effective treatment and healthcare.

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