Westmead member profile: Dr Harry Klimis

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This November we profile Dr Harry Klimis as part of our feature on Westmead. Harry is part of the team responsible for winning the $1M for the Google Artificial Intelligence (AI) Impact Challenge. What does a typical day look like for you and what are you currently working on? As I am both a full time [...]

The future of AI in healthcare

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Event update. On the 24th June Professor Tim Shaw presented on the future of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare. During the 30 minute webinar Professor Shaw highlighted and discussed the major trends and the impact of Artificial Intelligence on health and healthcare. Professor Shaw also provided insights from his recent visit to the World Medical Innovation Forum, [...]

Report: World Medical Innovation Forum, AI in healthcare

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By Professor Tim Shaw Between last year’s and this year’s conference I think it is clear that we are starting to come off the peak of the hype cycle regarding impact of AI and Digital Health. There was a definite focus on implementation of perhaps less blue sky but more immediately practical solutions to improve functioning [...]

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