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The healthcare sector is one of many sectors embracing virtual and/or augmented reality (VR/AR), and this is having exciting repercussions in the digital health space. There are an increasing number of research projects evaluating virtual and augmented reality in healthcare, implementing it and designing new and exciting virtual experiences for health applications. The Virtual and Augmented Reality node of the DHIN brings together researchers, clinicians, students and other individuals interested in its use in healthcare for applications including patient care, professional or patient education and improving individual wellbeing.

Who we are

Node Leads: Naseem Ahmadpour, Anna Janssen, Melanie Keep, Michael Marthick, Anika Rouf
Node Coordinator: Anna Janssen

Node content

The VAR Node team would love to get to know a bit about others interested in virtual and augmented reality in health. If you are interested in joining the node we would really appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes to complete our member survey. The survey is designed to collect a little bit of information about projects you are doing in the VAR space and/or your areas of interest. If you are interested in being profiled for the node you can also answer the profile questions on the survey and we will contact you when your profile is ready to go live. Thanks for completing the survey. We look forward to hearing about your VAR interests!

Please complete the survey here.

Five minutes with Dr Naseem Ahmadpour

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